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With CCL Management being a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, it makes perfect sense that in addition to specializing in leasing and property management services, we also offer real estate services for buyers and sellers of residential and investment properties. Offering real estate services alongside our exceptional leasing and property management services provides a valuable benefit to both new and existing clients and customers.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff will provide expert guidance on investment and owner-occupied transactions. Simply provide us with the important details you’re looking for in your next property and we’ll do the leg work to find suitable targets meeting your criteria.

Existing clients wishing to sell will benefit from having a pre-existing relationship with CCL Management, who can easily help transition their property from renting to the sale market when the time is right. The comfort and familiarity of a highly qualified staff, which you already work with and trust, helps to make the process of selling your property a very smooth and seamless transaction.

An added benefit is that CCL Management can represent you in marketing your property for both Sale and Rent simultaneously, if you so choose, providing maximum market exposure. We simply move forward with the transaction that is first to occur.

Erika Haar fields our real estate division as well as handling all rental property acquisitions. Erika’s extensive knowledge of the Madison area real estate market provides valuable guidance and representation for your real estate transaction. As a Wisconsin native and seasoned real estate professional, Erika strives to use her well-rounded market knowledge to provide her clients with the best possible service and guidance.

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, CCL Management can provide the services and expertise needed to bring it all together.

Along with professional property management services, CCL Management provides expert brokerage services for buyers looking for investment properties. As a brokerage that has a deep history in, and works full time with, rental properties, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide real time, accurate information on the marketability of a property, current market rents, and expense exposure, to help you make the right decision in this competitive market. Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, we can help navigate the market to find the right properties to meet your goals.

Purchasing an investment property is far different from buying an owner-occupied property. An investment property purchase requires representation that has expertise in the rental market to provide clear and trustworthy guidance, and to help smoothly navigate the transaction. The right representation will set you up for success after closing, instead of leaving you with numerous questions and lack of information that should have been addressed prior to the closing table, saving you from stress and problems.

There are many moving parts with any property purchase and even more to consider when buying an investment property. Too frequently, we experience new landlords that come to us with limited information on their recently acquired rental property. This results in more questions than clear and organized answers. Buyers rely on their representation to guide them through the transaction. Too often important questions were not asked by the buyer’s agent, who lacked the knowledge and expertise of the rental market. Tenants have often not been made aware of the ownership change, there are missing contracts, and security deposits haven’t been transferred to the buyer. These are very important details of an investment purchase transaction, and if you aren’t aligning yourself with the right representation, you may very well be left holding a bag of problems and headaches after closing.

There may be additional items that need to be investigated like snow and lawn services, sprinkler and fire alarm monitoring systems, tenant payment histories, and observable code violations or liability exposure. Each property is different and whatever the circumstances, we are here to help navigate, while always working in your best interest. Having the right representation from a rental expert, who works in the market daily, is paramount in navigating a smooth and clean investment property acquisition.

Working with the experts at CCL Management to represent you in your next investment property purchase will position you for success from the initial offer, to the closing table, and beyond. We look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals.

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